Progress in Zimbabwe

On this website you will be able to see pictures of the different projects we have sought to realise over the years. These projects are now reality. Over the years, we have completed the following:

  1. The on-going equipping of the library/reading room with books although many more are still needed to make it an effective library for the township, especially for school children needing text books for their studies.
  2. The building of the community hall used for a wide variety of purposes including weddings, parties, church purposes, community events with a kitchen and toilets
  3. We had to rebuild our security man’s house after Operation Murambatsvina but this was accomplished and a much better dwelling was provided for him and his family
  4. The building and furnishing of the dormitory is complete enabling us to welcome people from the devasted rural areas to come and find training and support to help then go back and rebuild their communities and make some income
  5. Operation Clean Water has been realised – thankfully just before the cholera epidemic hit Zimbabwe. The centre now has its own bore hole plus storage tank to help service the water needs of the local community
  6. Operation Food Aid has been able to send out a good sum of money on a regular basis to help provided much needed food for our HIV Aids orphans feeding programme and for destitute families
  7. We have also been able to replace Jonah’s car after a very serious road accident in which Jonah was seriously injured. Thankfully he has fully recovered and we have been able to purchase a much more suitable, robust Toyota Twin Cab minibus which services a variety of needs at the training centre.

Over 20 years now, we have been able to maintain the running and staffing of the Christian Training School. We have continued to maintain slow progress despite the terrible economic and social climate but have not bee able to expand as fully as we had hoped. Such expansion is part of our future vision for the years to come.

None of the above would have been possible without very generous giving by all PCNI supporters. We are particularly grateful to Westborough URC, Guildford for their tremendous support over many years from its inception. Other churches have been very supportive including True Life Fellowship, North Baddersley, Hove Central URC, Southwick Christian Community church and many others. We are also eternally grateful to the Besom, London for their wonderful support in these projects.

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